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Hello, I’m JAX

Your marketing magician

You need a website?

You need a CRM ?

You Need Leads?

You Need Sales ?

Then Get in Touch !

my mission is to HELP YOU !

Consultancy in Qualified Lead Generation,
CRM, Websites, Sales & Marketing



Excellent and fast communication. Usually within the hour you will get an answer! except if i’m in a meeting 🙂


Very high standards, great methododolgies and know how at your service !




You being independent is our priority! So you won’t need any support! Many questions are video replies.



Over 20 years experience in crm. Using Agile methodology to help you understand your needs



Creating websites was a hobby. Now we help many companies defining there needs as well as creating their sites.


Qualified Lead generation

Experience in all B2B fields for more than 15 years. Qualified Lead Generation is what we do!


from hebrew : to help

  1. verb
  2. make it easier or possible for (someone) to do something by offering them one’s services or resources.
  3.  serve someone
  4. the fact of being useful.
  5. a person or thing that helps.
  6. giving assistance to a computer user in the form of displayed instructions.

Make Your Content a Priority.

I certainly will help you.

Why Ozzzer ?

You need to implement a CRM or build a website
and you don’t know where to start ?
We help you to really understand, prepare & structure the implementation !
We have great tools and methodologies to achieve this!

Sales & Marketing Consultancy

From scratch or not, any sector as long as it’s B2B. We help you achieve your goals.


You’re looking for a CRM? need to understand your real needs? We can help you set up your crm depending your needs. With more than 15 years experience in many different fields!


You need to redesign your website?
Need to create a new one? Want to be independent and manage your website yourself?

Testimonials & Featured Clients


Jax manages our website from a to z.
Helping us to understand the needs as well as defining the online marketing strategies.
A great partner to work with.

E-commerce Website


An E-commerce multi vendor site build from scratch, logo, and customer is independent after two weeks coaching!
Another satiesfied customer. 


We wanted to have our own Instagram ! Now we manage our own site independently! Great work!


Two days, and we got a brand new website ! Very satisfied !


“Our E-commerce site has been build in a very very short time! Now we’re really independent and can manage everything ourselves”


“We have no regrets! Many Exceleads projects were managed by Jacky. He’s lighting fast understands our clients needs and our clients are extremely satisfied.


In less than a week, Website, CRM and lead generation campaign launched!

Wellness Directory
Everything for the soul!
Find & add, comment books, videos, places, events and inspiring images for the soul!

BNG launched in Belgium

Very proud to be part of this project!

As a result of constant demand, Brand New Game Netherlands is expanding into Belgium and now has a dedicated Belgian team.

Lead by video game industry veteran Sven Van de Perre and Jacky Kahan, Brand New Game will not only deploy it’s popular Game Storm methodology in Belgium, the background of the Belgian team will also accelerate development of all Brand New Game support software.

Interested? get in touch!

Real Estate Project

I'm now working as sales & marketing consultant for the biggest international real estate franchise in the world. They just arrived in Belgium. I'm helping them with strategies to recruit agents.We deployed a strategy, implemented & customized the crm to their...

Merger & Acquisition Project

A nice 4 months project ended this june.Mission : Find Accountancy Offices and Fiduciaries that are willing to sell their businesses.Strategy, execution and crm done by Jax!Mission Accomplished, 70 hot Leads!Client very satisfied! You have a M&A project? Contact me!

Latest work

Very Happy to announce the redesign and migration to a new platform of Au creux du bois Another happy client !

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